Fish and Chips Nutritional Information

Fish and Chips Nutritional Information

Fish and chips are less than 10% fat if properly cooked and an average sized portion is less than 1000 calories. Adding peas to the meal lowers fat and calories per 100 grams, but as peas contain approximately 100 calories per 100 grams, this increases the total calories consumed in the meal.

Rapeseed oil (when in optimum condition) produces the healthiest product, but breaks down more easily than other frying mediums. It is, however, a reasonable view that the customer expectation of taste is more important.

The size of portion served is key to total calories and fat customers consume.

In our original article about nutritional testing in the FFR, Mark Drummond wrote that a large portion of Fish, Chips & Peas could be up to 1600 calories, and this resulted in complaints from several members saying it was an exaggeration. Our results show that a 10oz Fish, 15oz portion of Chips and 7oz Peas (not an exceptionally large portion in some places) actually contained 1846 calories.

Our results also show that the proportion of fish/chips/peas in a meal has a big effect on the fat and calorie content, as the fried fish is higher in fat and calories than chips, and peas are almost fat free and less than half the calories per 100 grams of the chips. So for example a meal consisting of a 4oz fish, 10oz portion of chips and 7oz Peas would contain 1110 calories (186 calories per 100 grams), whereas a meal consisting of a 10oz fish, 7 oz portion of chips and 4oz peas would contain 1291 calories (217 calories per 100 grams), even though the total weight of both the meals were the same (21oz or 594 grams).